The Divorce Process

Get Started

To legally begin the process of divorce, a petition must be filed. A divorce attorney can help you draft and file the petition and decree of divorce. Once your spouse has been served with the petition they must file an answer or waived their right to be present at trial.

Simple Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided that the mediation and settlement route is best, provide this information to your attorney to ensure that you will not be cajoled into an unfavorable settlement or feel as if you have been cheated out of what you deserve. 

Contested Divorce

If you can't agree with your spouse about divorce issues such as dividing finances and bills, custody and support of minor children,  dividing real estate, investments, and personal property, or other issues, you must have an attorney present your interests before a judge for settlement.

Custody and Support

Custody terms are binding, but they are not set in stone. If you would like to pursue a modification of your divorce decree, whether it involves custody or child support, contact your attorney to determine if you have reasonable cause to request a change.

Attorney Assistance

Whether you are ready to start the divorce process or need a modification, find and attorney who specializes in divorce and family law. There are many divorce lawyers in dallas who are dedicated to protecting you, your children, and your interests.