Sleeve Gastrectomy
A final solution to achieve weight loss

Sleeve Gastrectomy

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A Bariatric Surgery Procedure

Performed Laparoscopically

No Intestinal Bypass Needed

Maintains Natural Digestion

bariatric surgery

Have you been considering bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery, and would like to find a facility located in Los Angeles? Not all surgical centers are the same and when it comes to having a gatris sleeve surgery you want to be sure that you are in good hands.

Gastric Sleeve

Restrictive bariatric surgery, also known by the name gastric sleeve procedure reduces the size of the stomach to help people with uncontrollable weight gain eat less and lose the extra weight. With a smaller stomach, you feel full faster. So by eating smaller portions you have a better chance of successful weight loss.

Minimally Invasive

During the Gastric sleeve procedure, the surgeon will remove about 85 percent of the stomach so that the remaining stomach resembles the shape of a tube or sleeve. The minimally invasive operation is performed laparoscopically so that there is little downtime and quicker recovery.

Right Choice?

After completing the gastric sleeve procedure, your doctor will give you specific instructions about what to eat after surgery to ensure your weight loss success. It's important to understand that although you've had the surgery, you cannot go back to the same eating habits as before. 

It is recommended that you learn more about  the gastric sleeve procedure with a bariatric surgeon before accepting or ruling out the sleeve gastrectomy option. You can find a gastric bypass los angeles surgeon or other bariatric surgeons located in most mid to large cities that offer a free consultation. You'll be able to discuss your concerns and gather all of the information you need to make the right decision.